It can be a relief to finally finish with the holidays. If you were particularly busy, you may feel like you have finished running a marathon. So, you have more time for yourself. But now that all the presents have been unpacked, all the guests have gone home and the holiday food has been eaten.

Like any cleaning task, it may seem easier to manage a plan. By tackling the task in small steps, the project does not seem so insurmountable. You will find below several ways to clean your home after the holidays.

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Sort the gifts you will actually use

The first step of cleaning up after the holidays is to go through all these gifts. After all, you suddenly have a lot of things for which you have to find places. And if you already felt like you had little space, it may be the biggest cleaning puzzle after the holidays.

To save space, you can review and evaluate what you will actually use. Many of us have well-intentioned parents who still have no idea of ​​our personal tastes year after year. There is no reason to take up space for something you will never use. Remember to give some of these gifts “it’s the thought that counts”.

On the other hand, you might have the opposite problem: you have all those gifts you want to keep, but you do not have room for them. In this case, take stock of what you own and consider donating some of your oldest items that are worn or have not been used for years.

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Decide what to keep for decorations

Once all the gifts are sorted and stored, it’s time to tackle the holiday decorations. It can be tempting to take everything and throw it in a box. However, you will end up with a mess to settle next year. A good way to store your decorations is to make an inventory of what you want to keep as a decoration and what you want to discard.

For example, many people use their favorite greeting cards as home decorations. Sort out your holiday cards, determine which ones are good for future use and discard the old ones. You can also use the same method for other holiday decorations. If you have a new decoration that can replace an older or worn piece, do not be afraid to part with it.

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Do not forget to suck well during the cleaning after the holidays

In July, nothing is more strange than finding pine needles from the Christmas tree in the sofa cushion. To avoid unpleasant surprises all year round, be sure to clean thoroughly to remove any residue from foil, pine needles or other debris such as glittery gift bags. Remove the furniture cushions and be sure to use an extension cord on the vacuum cleaner to keep everything clean. In addition, it also helps to get rid of odors.

Be aware, however, that many household vacuum cleaners can not pick up needles or pine garlands. In large quantities, both can easily clog many vacuum cleaners at home and the foil can prevent the roller from turning. Your best bet is to sweep the hardwood floors with a reliable broom. For carpets, you can use a rubber broom or a lint brush. You can also use a shop vacuum if you have a lot of needles to clean.

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Clean / store all holiday food

Cleaning after the holidays is a great excuse to take stock of the fridge and freezer. Make sure to eliminate any holiday food that has gone bad or that you do not plan to eat. For the things you want to hang on longer, try sealing them under vacuum and putting them in the freezer for extended storage.

If you have not come to clean the fridge or freezer before the holidays, this is the right time to do it. Clean all old and old foods to make room for the new. While you’re at it, leave your fridge and freezer fully recessed with your favorite cleaning product. (A 50/50 mixture of water and vinegar works well for cleaning the fridge and freezer.)

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Clean well where the guests slept and the food was prepared

This is not to say that our dearest friends and family are filthy, but it is a good idea to disinfect the house when cleaning after the holidays. Influenza and colds appeal to all travelers at this time of the year. After the holidays, clean the sheets of the rooms if you have already stayed.

You must also give your surfaces a disinfectant solution or wipes once more. Target areas like the bathroom, the kitchen and the tables. You will want to focus on where the food has been prepared in the kitchen to reduce the bacteria present in the raw meat.

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