In the world of design, rustic chic has become an increasingly popular option in a home. But what is rustic chic? Basically, these are spaces that combine rustic elements like distressed wood with the simplicity of modern design. You can read more about the style here. And the chic and rustic accent walls fit in perfectly with the style.

Finding a balance between rustic and modern can be difficult, there is a way to almost instantly get a rustic chic look. Design a modern space and add a rustic and chic accent wall. What makes these walls rustic is that they are made of visibly distressed and textured wood. Take a look below to learn how to use rustic and elegant accent walls throughout the home.

source : Creative Floors

Barn wood look recovered in the room

One of the easiest ways to use a chic, rustic accent wall is to put one in the bedroom. The use of distressed paintings on a wall gives the space an appearance of partially in a picturesque cabin or barn.

The fact that it is an accent wall will not disturb the balance between modern and rustic. Having four walls of rustic wood could give the impression that you are only putting the wrong kind of furniture in the wrong house. An accent wall, that’s it; it adds a touch that gives the rustic elements an intentional appearance without being intrusive.

source : Sandberg Schoffel Architects

Separation wall

Another way to use chic and rustic accent walls is to choose a separate wall that serves as a partition. In the space above, a white, geometric white-walled ceiling prevents the divider wall from encroaching on the space. These elements surround the divider wall, separating it visually and bringing balance.

This, in turn, helps other rustic elements to work in the space, such as the floor, the TV stand and the old-fashioned wood stove. If you’re trying to balance the rustic and the modern, this space shows just how modern white walls and ceilings can add balance.

source : General Assembly

Small accent wall

The chic and rustic accent walls can also be more subtle. The picture above shows how they can be used on small walls to add a rustic feel to a space without being intrusive.

The photo also shows that using a smaller accent wall goes well with rustic hanging bulbs. The lights help to visually bring the accent wall into space rather than letting it appear at random. Light texture on the hall table further accentuates the rustic look. At the same time, the rest of the space uses the contrasting dark and light colors that are usually found in modern spaces.

source : Les Constructions Montagne Art

Wooden pallet for rustic and chic accent walls

This design gives a pallet-like appearance recovered to the wall itself. The palette is so large that it creates a de facto accent wall. And then, it also serves as an entertainment center. It’s one of the most creative and rustic accent walls in the world.

What makes this job so good is that the rustic palette is leaning against a modern, lightweight wall. Again, this design shows how light walls help to create a balance between modern and rustic styles. The textured floors and ceilings also add to the rustic ambiance.

It should also be noted that the modern and bright furniture contributes greatly to balance the space for the modern side.

source : Amek

Accent wall of dining room

The dining room is a common place for accent walls. They create a contrast and visual interest that your guests can enjoy. This chic and rustic accent wall is well placed near a dining table. The great abstract art is an interesting choice in that it reconciles things for a modern look, with the transparent chairs and the flat table. Modern looks like the contrast between light and dark, so the black and white carpet was a good choice.

And maybe nothing better illustrates the rustic chic look than the centerpiece. The rustic twig design that stands out from the modern and bright vase has a strong balance between modern and rustic. Small details like this can help add that sense of balance between rustic and modern in any space.

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