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Each year, we tell ourselves that this will be the year when we will embark on holiday decoration by creating a home worthy of Pinterest for the holidays. This can happen this year, with a plan and these easy tips for seasonal decorating.

Your idea of decorating for the season could be an extravagance decorated in each room or simply add some holiday accessories. Whether you are big or simple, you can make decorating easier with a little planning and organization. Here’s how:

1. Find your inspiration

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You can start your seasonal decoration at any time of the year by seeking inspiration for decoration. Each beautifully decorated home begins with a vision or idea. Anything you see in a catalog or on Pinterest can be the inspiration for your decorating plan.

If you do not use Pinterest yet, you can create an account to register your inspiration online. If you are an experienced pinner, you will want to create a holiday chart to save pictures to one place. When you look at what you have saved, you can see a pattern in the colors or styles that you like.

f you prefer a more practical inspiration-gathering style, cutting catalogs and magazine images is just as useful as saving images on the Internet. Combining both ideas collection styles could be the perfect choice for you. Whatever your inspirational style, you’ll use the images in the same way, as a visual boost to create a seasonal decorating plan. But first, it’s time to get your team together and create a simple budget.

2. Set your decorating budget

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Yes, even a simple seasonal decoration is made easier with a budget. Knowing what you’re spending on new decorations and accessories gives you an idea of what’s possible for each area of your home. A simple budget is also useful when shopping around so you are not exposed to too many impulse purchases.

Your budget should not be complicated. You can simply set a total spending limit for each room. With a budget per room in mind, you can deduct money from one room if you want to go a little too far in another.

3. Create a plan for your seasonal decoration

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We promise that the seasonal decor will always be fun and creative, even if you take the time to make a plan beforehand. Your holiday decorating plan can be as simple as deciding where you want to add seasonal accessories or following a mood board that you have created for each room. To get the most out of planning your seasonal decor, your plan should include your ideas for each space in your home. The plan of your living room will be more elaborate than that of a guest room, but you will want to have a list of what you will need for each room – this will make shopping easier.

4. Choose a color palette

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Each holiday season has its traditional colors, so it’s easy to find a decor if you stay with this palette. If you feel more creative with your color scheme, you can add unexpected accents to traditional colors. Metals are a simple and glamorous way to elevate your holiday color palette. Look for unexpected metallic colors like copper, blue and pink for a trendy decor palette.

5. Create the magic of holiday decoration

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All your hard work in bringing together inspiration, creating a plan and purchasing comes together when you implement your seasonal design. We are not looking for the perfection of a professionally designed department store window, but the joy of being surrounded by beautiful decor and colors that make sense to you.

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