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You have the feeling that you should keep your house clean. Maybe your parents taught it to you, or maybe the pressure of the company caused you to remove the mop. But is it really important if you let your house slip into a mess? In fact, yes. A clean home has some scientifically based health benefits. Conversely, leaving your house dirty and / or disorganized can be detrimental to your mental and physical well-being. So what are you waiting for?

Sometimes you need a little help to get started on good habits. And we’ve covered you with a handful of compelling reasons to keep things neat and tidy. Here are six of the main health benefits of a clean home.

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You will feel less stressed

The visual clutter leads to mental congestion. You may think you have learned to live with your different batteries, but they will probably affect you more deeply than you realize. A 2010 study published in the Personal and Social Psychology Bulletin found that women with a more disorderly home had higher levels of cortisol than those with well-maintained housing. What does it mean? Your stress levels are related to your space. Tackling these exceptional tasks and putting your house in order can help you manage stress. And could not we all benefit from effective ways to reduce stress in our busy lives?

You will be more active

It’s simple but it’s true: cleaning makes you move. Of course, storing the house will not cost as many calories as a complete HIIT workout, but it’s a lot more physical than sitting on the couch. Keeping your home clean means that you will have some kind of movement for your body throughout the week. In fact, the health magazine has rounded up 10 different tasks that you can do that burn 100 calories each.

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You will be more productive

When you have a task you do not want to start, do you ever find yourself searching the room for distraction? Disorganization makes it easy to spot something you can use to procrastinate. When everything is in order, however, your mind finds it easier to get things done. Do not you think your space directly affects your productivity? Check out this 2011 study of how visual stimuli compete to get your attention.

You could eat healthier

Have you ever noticed that when you feel stressed, you crave junk food? It’s your body’s natural response to stressors and – as we’ve already mentioned – clutter and messiness are stressful. There is good news though. Cleaning does not only make you less inclined to want unhealthy foods, it can also help you make healthy choices. A 2013 study published in Psychology Science introduced people to food choices. People who worked in an organized space were twice as likely to choose an apple as chocolate bars than those who worked in a messy area.

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You will sleep better

Is it not easier to fall asleep when you have no more leftovers to do that harass your brain? When your house is clean, you can look around before going to bed without seeing things to do that could make you turn your head even when you put your head on your pillow. In fact, the National Sleep Foundation conducted a survey that found that going to bed in the morning increases your chances of getting a good night’s sleep by almost 20%.

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