Do you think peas are just clown costumes? Think you! Peas can be a striking way to add color and geometry to a room design. There are as many ways to use them as there are styles of parts. Bold or subtle drawings, walls or upholstery, large or muted: the possibilities are endless. Take a look below to find inspiration to start. You may end up planning a play with fun polka dot patterns in the future.

source : Grace Blu

Colored peas

Dot patterns are a great way to work with a certain color group. The peas on the wall above define the theme of a pink and orange color scheme. The dots on the wall go well with the sofa. In addition, the holes in the library extend the geometric theme to the rest of the room.

Do you want to brighten up your colorful peas? Check out the photo collection behind the library. Each point contains a photo, which gives the impression that the points are actually frames.

source : Lindye Galloway Interiors

Metallic patterns with polka dots

Another way to use polka dots is to go metallic. Metals, especially gold, mimic sophistication. They also blend well with neutral and light colors. Neutrals further help the gold to appear and become the main focus of the space. The result is an updated and chic look that allows you to use peas in a modern way.

The above design also shows that you can be creative with where you place your peas. Do not feel limited to the walls; here they stand out on the vaulted ceiling.

source : Niche Interiors

Grouped peas

Unlike the two previous concepts, the picture above shows how peas can become playful when placed in small random groups. It’s great for a child’s room; it looks like confetti from a birthday party.

By using this design on a wall, this wall also becomes a focal point and prevents the style from surpassing the entire room. At the same time, the consistency of the background color with the other walls gives a certain cohesion to the space.

source : Emily A. Clark

Large scale peas

You can also go big and bold with your peas. Above, the large white dots and the very marked red background create an impression. For an even bolder look, try using contrasting colors in peas and background color, or use the same hue but set the dots with an ultra-glossy paint. The possibilities with this design are endless.

source : Rinaldi Interior Design

Polka Dot Padding

Of course, polka dots are not limited to walls. They also feel at home in soft furnishings. For example, a polka-dot bench is an elegant addition to the breakfast corner of the photo above. The neutral gray and white design allows it to fit almost anywhere. (Although we also have some tips on how to mix and match patterns.)

Bringing the peas together adds depth and dimension. The more you look at it, the more it seems that the peas jump from the white, or that the white jumps peas. It’s hypnotic, almost like an optical illusion.

Does any of the above polka dot designs make you add that fun element? Talk to us below!

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